Keeping your links hidden in emails

If you uses email as part of your marketing campaign for your website or business you may want to put links your email's perhaps to content on your website or you may want to link to an affiliate but keep the link URL disguised. With keeping your email affiliate links cloaked is easy and free with our affiliate links shortener. You can simply turn your long affiliate link into a handy shorten link with your own choice of keyword or let the website create one for you at random. You can then put this new cloaked link into your emails and presto your affiliate URL is hidden from the recipient of the email. The only way then of the reciever of the email knowing where the link go to is to click on the disguised link. cloaked links also come with free tracking statistics so you can see how many people clicked on masked link url in your email and even what country they are from. So start creating your new shorten affiliate links now and see the numbers of clicks go higher.

The bookmarklet

Add this to your bookmarks or drag it to your bookmarks bar to quickly access shortening functions.


This bookmarklet takes the page URL and title and opens a new tab, where you can fill out a CAPTCHA. If you have selected text before using the bookmarklet, that will be used as the keyword.

Support for bookmarklets on mobile varies. For example, they work on Chrome for Android but you have to add and sync them from your desktop.