About Soa.pe link shortener

Fed up with long hard to remember links such as www.my-wonderful-cat-blog-site.com/2017/cat-flaps/1893828/published/article.php and want a more friendly easy to remember short url then here comes soa.pe to clean up your links.

We can shorten the above link to one that much easier to remember as you get to choose the keyword so for the above long link your new link could be soa.pe/catblog and I think you will agree this is much easier to remember.

But shortening your URL links is not the only use for soa.pe you can also use it to hide the destination of the link. This is great for if you want to publish an article on your blog or on social media and create an affiliate link to another website but you don't want people to know that it is an affiliate link as some peope won't click these type of link. With Soa.pe the person clicking the link will just see the Soa.pe link.

Let me explain what I mean. When you normally create a link the person clicking the link can see which website it is linking to buy hovering their mouse over the link. Like this Amazon link

But if you wanted to hide that it was a link to Amazon then create a soa.pe short link. Now when someone hovers over the link they won't know which site you are linking too until they click the link. Try it by hover over this soa.pe short link. It now doesn't show that it is an Amazon affiliate link as it doesn't show the destination address just the keyword that was chosen at the time of creating the short link, but when you click the link it still takes you to the same address.

Another great use for soa.pe link shortener is to hide the the referrer from the site you are linking too. Normally when you click on a link from a webpage the site you link too can tell by looking at the referrer to see which website the click came from. Should you want to disguise this for privacy reasons you can create the link with soa.pe in the normal way and then put this link onto your blog or facebook and when you click these soa.pe links it won't show your Facebook or blog as the original website but instead it will show Soa.pe

To see a demonstration go here